Let it goooooo! It's still stuck in my head. And now they are back! I'll probably see the movie a thousand times, with 3 little girls in the house. Let's hope the sets are more fun ;-)


The Set
The Box
The Instruction
The Parts
The Build


Any parent with kids now the phenomenon named Frozen. This big hit by Disney was everywhere. Almost every kid knows the line to Let It Go, up to a point my ears start bleeding when I hear the piano intro. I must have seen it a thousand times. First on DVD, then on Netflix. And after a break, (unfortunately) now on Disney+. The sequel has been hyped for a while, and expectations are high. From what I have seen from the trailers, it looks good. For 1 viewing, maybe 2. After that, any movie becomes annoying...
With the movie, there will of course be sets, 9 to be precise, including a few 4+ sets. Today, me and my daughters take a look at 41164-1 Enchanted Treehouse.

The Set

There are so many forest adventures for Disney Frozen fans to build and play out in the LEGO® l Disney Frozen II 41164 Enchanted Treehouse set. This buildable magic treehouse playset features a bedroom area in the base of the tree and a dining area on the floor above. There's a ladder up to the lookout and an awesome zip line to whizz down to the enchanted forest floor, where kids will love to look after the 2 bunnies in their little house. A camping area and a fishing area with flying fish function are perfect for creating fun adventures with Anna, Olaf and Mattias from Frozen II. Explore the forest and discover the mythical stones on an epic and magical journey. Includes 3 favorite Disney characters from Frozen II and 3 LEGO animal figures. From LEGO.com

The Box

The box measure 54 x 260 x 380 mm, and weighs 630gr. Inside are 3 numbered bags, the instructions, 2 sticker sheets, a plate 8 x 16, a flexible zipline and a plastic banner-type of thing.


The Instructions

The intsruction manuel measures 175 x 195 mm, and has 119 pages with 111 steps. The pdf can be downloaded here.

The Parts

The set contains 301 parts, in 36 colors, and 30 part categories, with a total of 177 unique parts/color combinations.

Main colors are:

Main categories are:

There are 5 new parts in this set. As mentioned earlier, there is a plastic sheet 61862 Canopy with Purple and Dark Turquoise Stripes and Arendelle Weapon print. Olaf gets his own body in part 62373 Snowman Body, Reddish Brown Arms, Black Coals, Snow Flakes. This is the first time I see a torso with MiniDoll arms and a MiniFigure head connection. The Frozen II sets also introduces a new Minidoll Hips&Legs assembly, the 59794 Minidoll Hips and Skirt with Ankle. In this set we find 59794c01pr0190 Minidoll Hips and Skirt with Ankles with Dark Orange Trim. In other sets of the theme is also the 59794c01pr0192 Minidoll Hips and Skirt with Ankles with Medium Lavender Trim, Medium Blue Decorations on White Shoes. Also new is a new cape, 61547. And last up is a new round panel, the 60373 Panel 3 x 3 x 5 Quarter Round with 2 1 x 2 Arches. This part will be ideal to build large cilindric models that needs something stuck on the outside. So far, it only comes in Reddish Brown.

Most new prints are for MiniDoll parts. The exception is 40378pr0001. This is the first time this part comes in a print, used here as a birch.

There is only 1 part that comes in a new color:

And these parts are rare in their color, meaning they come in 3 sets or less:

There are 3 figures in this set. Anna, Olaf, and watch-the-movie-to-find-out-my-name. (yes, the name is already known, but spoilers...). This is the first time Olaf is not brick-build.


The Build

The build is done by 2 of my daugthers (7 and 9), since they are the target audience.

Bag 1 builds the landing spot for the zip-line, and start the tree house. On the inside, we find a bed.

Bag 2 continues the tree house. The plastic sheet turns out to be a canopy. On the first floor is a treasure chest. No idea why yet.

Bag 3 completes the treehouse with a waterfall. It also a stonehedge kind of structure. No doubt this will play some role in the movie.


So, what is the verdict by the target audience.
It's a good looking model. Especially the Autumn leaves are well appriciated. The build itself is okay. Not too complicated, but not really boring either. A good way to pass some time. The set offers some play features. A dissapointment is the zip line. The grappling hook won't hold onto the line, so as soon as the MiniDoll is at the end, he/she will fall off. It's also not possible to leave him/her hanging somewhere in the middle. In respect of design, it's hard to say if it's a good representation of the movie, as we haven't seen it yet.
Overall, for the price, build time and playability, it's a set to recommend.

Disclaimer: This LEGO set was kindly provided for review by The LEGO Group. Anything said in this post is the opinion of the author and his daughters and not The LEGO Group.
Parts- and build photographs by Tobymac (© 2019 Rebrickable)


  • Answer to your question about a good representation. No. Other than the obelisks none is relevant. These days it appears LEGO is given less and less information about movies, their sets are less and less relevant each wave.
    • That might be caused by LEGO sometimes giving spoilers for upcoming movies through their sets? For example, the 70651 Super Hero Airport Battle spoiled the ability of Ant-Man to become larger. I saw a video with more examples a while back, but I can't find it anymore. Ths might make movie producers more careful with what source material they give LEGO to base the sets on.
  • 2 months ago HPlegos Level 3
    Looks perfect for my granddaughter who loves all things Princess and Frozen.
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